GiveCamp Day 3

So you know how I was saying the rest of our team worked overnight? Yeah. David and I woke up to some huge news! It seems that it had been decided to switch to WordPress, although John reassured us that our efforts would not be in vain. He proposed packaging our widgets into an open source contribution to the Sitefinity community. These widgets could be used in future GiveCamp projects to help many more charities, but first they would need some love. (First, we fueled up at IHOP with Josh and Bryan. It was great to hang out a bit and share war stories, since we didn’t get to do that much at the event itself.)

We decided that the rest of our day would be devoted to cleaning up code and writing documentation. We started by pulling out a lot of shared code into a helper class used by the rotator widgets. The next task was to refactor our inline JavaScript to be a jQuery plugin. We would invoke the imageRotator method on the containing element, passing in the image list and rotation interval.

Speaking of plugins, it was this that lead us to discover David’s issue with prettyPhoto. It seems that Sitefinity can trip you up when loading your script references. Our temporary solution was to embed the script references in the widgets themselves. The obvious issue is that the generated HTML would have several duplicate references scattered throughout the body. We’ll discuss a slightly more elegant solution in an upcoming post.

Our project also needed a home. We decided on using CodePlex to host the widgets. I created the SSWC project and started working on documentation. Time was short due to the upcoming wrap-up where the fruits of the weekend would be displayed.  We would have to put the finishing touches on our project another day. We’ll discuss this in an upcoming post.

During the wrap-up, it was great to see how all the teams pulled together to produce effective solutions for these worthy organizations.

Give Camp Birmingham | Promo from Hampton Road Studios on Vimeo.

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