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Comic Sans for Github – It’s Like April Fools’ Day, Only Way Earlier!

Well, Joey asked for it, so here it is. Advertisements

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Consolas for github

I was reading my twitter feed the other day and saw this exchange come through… and I couldn’t agree more. So I decided to do something about it! Getting to know Greasemonkey I remember hearing about Greasemonkey scripts back in Firefox’s … Continue reading

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CSS Gradients in IE6, IE7, IE8–Using CSS3 PIE to fill the gap in legacy browsers

Just a quick post to share something that many are unaware of, and that I myself was unaware of until recently. Most of us are aware of CSS gradients, Modernizr, using polyfills, etc. – but today I want to highlight … Continue reading

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Git for Windows and .NET Developers Part 2 – Advanced Tools and Options

If you followed my last post, you’ve got Git installed. You can initialize and commit to a repository. What now? posh-git You could constantly type git branch to see which one you’re on, and git status to see how many … Continue reading

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Integrating the Compass CSS Framework into Visual Studio

Using Compass with .NET and Visual Studio Intro to Compass Framework: So here in my first blog post at thedevstop, I wanted to post about something I very much enjoy. And since I love the design side of development, I … Continue reading

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Git for Windows And .NET Developers – How To Install Git

I planned to do a series on Git for a while. Then I thought maybe it had all been said already, so what’s the point? Then Phil Haack moved to Github, and I realized that a lot of .NET Developers … Continue reading

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VibrantInk Theme for FlashDevelop

At work consummate developer Josh Rogers got FlashDevelop working with a custom ant build script as a replacement for FlashBuilder. This is great news because FlashDevelop is using less than a tenth of the memory resources that Adobe’s Eclipse-based FlashBuilder uses; You … Continue reading

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