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Reflections on the 501 Developer Manifesto

The other day, I saw a lot of tweeting about a 501 Developer Manifesto. I had heard the “501” term before. When I originally heard it, it referred to a type of employee who watches the clock to ensure prompt … Continue reading

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From JavaScriptSerializer to JSON.Net

Recently I was in charge of replacing the JSON serializers being used in an existing project to squeeze out a little better performance. I looked at a couple libraries for .Net and settled on the almost ubiquitous JSON.Net. This decision … Continue reading

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Adding OData Inline Count Support to the ASP.NET Web API

Note: This post assumes that you’re working against the NuGet bits as of 4/5/2012, in which OData support is limited to $top, $skip, $orderby, and $filter. I plan to go back and check whether the latest bits already have $inlinecount … Continue reading

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