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Android Development with Mono For Android–Activities

Continuing on my journey into MonoDroid, this post will take a quick look at activities. You may remember from last time that the project template gives us an Activity1.cs file with a click counter. We could launch this from the … Continue reading

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Teaser–CodeStock Conference App for Android

Today, I found that the CodeStock 2012 schedule has been finalized. Now you know exactly when you can come see me. My first talk conflicts with Leon Gersing’s “You”, and my second with Jim Christopher’s “Raising the Next Generation of … Continue reading

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MonoDroid 101–Installation and Hello World with Mono for Android

I think we can all agree that developing mobile apps is a hot topic these days. One of the concerns I hear most often is having to deal with multiple languages, frameworks, and platforms. Everyone understandably wants to have a … Continue reading

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Lessons for Developers Courtesy of The Avengers

Note: There may be mild spoilers ahead. I’ll try to keep it vague and general, but if you’re really worried, go see the movie before reading this post. “If we can’t protect the codebase, you can be damn sure we’ll … Continue reading

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