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Updates pushed to asfac master

Integrating asfac into a real production codebase brought some necessary enhancements to our attention. The following updates have now been pushed to master. Register and Resolve with Class Scope Suppose you have an IDoWhatever interface, and you have some concrete … Continue reading

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Roy Osherove’s SOLID Kata–String Calculator Redux

Roy Osherove recently posted a challenge to refactor a simple StringCalculator using SOLID principles. Sounds fun to me! Here’s his original gist showing a StringCalculator. Responsibilities This thing is doing at least two things, and I contrived a third. It … Continue reading

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Did both ESRI and MapBox steal from Fitbit?

Note / disclaimer: I work for 3-GIS, and we work a lot with ESRI. This blog post does not necessarily represent the views of 3-GIS, ESRI, MapBox, Fitbit, or any other entity. These thoughts are my own and are hopefully … Continue reading

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