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ScriptBundle subdirectories no longer work in Microsoft.Web.Optimization 1.1.0 when optimizations are off

Just a heads up for now. I’ll track down where to report this or to whom in the morning. Excuse any spelling, grammar, sloppiness of screenshots, etc., I’m doing this pretty quickly before heading out for the day. tl;dr If … Continue reading

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How can I preselect an option element in a select box?

I have some friends trying to wire up some pages. Several pages link to a destination page that has a select box, and they want to have a given option preselected based on where the user is coming from. After … Continue reading

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Where did Attribute Routing go when updating from Web API 5.0.0 -pre to Web API 2?

This is just a heads up for moving to Web API 2 from the prerelease bits. If you weren’t using Web API 5.0.0-pre bits, you can probably ignore this and never know any different. I’m not going to cover Attribute … Continue reading

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