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The Story of asfac

Asfac is a simple IoC container for ActionScript and this is the story of how it came into being. Genesis It is all Jon Skeet‘s fault really. I rediscovered this gem of a video he recorded with Rob Conery for … Continue reading

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From JavaScriptSerializer to JSON.Net

Recently I was in charge of replacing the JSON serializers being used in an existing project to squeeze out a little better performance. I looked at a couple libraries for .Net and settled on the almost ubiquitous JSON.Net. This decision … Continue reading

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Making a Code Library

Probably not the kind of library you were expecting, but one that I find to be pretty handy. Windows Libraries A new feature in the much derided Windows Vista was the ability to group folders of like content into libraries. … Continue reading

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Consolas for github

I was reading my twitter feed the other day and saw this exchange come through… and I couldn’t agree more. So I decided to do something about it! Getting to know Greasemonkey I remember hearing about Greasemonkey scripts back in Firefox’s … Continue reading

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VibrantInk Theme for FlashDevelop

At work consummate developer Josh Rogers got FlashDevelop working with a custom ant build script as a replacement for FlashBuilder. This is great news because FlashDevelop is using less than a tenth of the memory resources that Adobe’s Eclipse-based FlashBuilder uses; You … Continue reading

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VibrantInk Theme for Notepad++

Let me start by saying that I know notepad++ comes with a Vibrant Ink theme. It is likely much, much more accurate and if you love TextMate for Mac you should probably use it. However, this theme is based on … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Manatee and SQL Server CE

I am new to the concept of migrations but am really liking the whole concept. “Migrations represent a “non-violent” way, basically, to transition the schema of your database as your app grows.” – Rob Conery from “Musing on Simpler Migrations“ … Continue reading

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