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Connecting a Lumia 800 to Zune When It Says “Can’t Connect to Your Phone”

I participated in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 30 To Launch contest and was able to score a pretty phenomenal phone in the process. The Lumia 800 really is fantastic. I had been very impressed with the Samsung Focus, but this … Continue reading

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_bin_deployableAssemblies and MSBuild

If you’re deploying a MVC 3 website to a server without MVC 3 in the GAC, you need to include the proper dlls in the bin folder. Phil Haack blogged about a new feature in Visual Studio that allows you … Continue reading

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Sailing Into AppHarbor

While looking into options for hosting, virtual private servers, etc., I remembered hearing about AppHarbor and decided to check it out. Note that this is all based on Git, so if you aren’t familiar with Git (protip: you should be), … Continue reading

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