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Easy Wins

Last night, Derek mentioned that he wanted to start writing again, and I realized that I’ve been pretty slack about it too. I thought that maybe we could be accountability partners. @derekmorrison let’s dare each other to write something.You go … Continue reading

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Reflections on the 501 Developer Manifesto

The other day, I saw a lot of tweeting about a 501 Developer Manifesto. I had heard the “501” term before. When I originally heard it, it referred to a type of employee who watches the clock to ensure prompt … Continue reading

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DevStop Updates

If you take a look at the About page, you’ll see a couple of new faces. Welcome Chris and Patrick to our gang of authors. I’ll let them take care of their own introductions, and I’m looking forward to their … Continue reading

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Getting Started with SyntaxHighlighter

Is it just me, or did it get far too quiet around here after we finished our GiveCamp recaps? Before I start writing any new posts, I need to work out syntax highlighting so that any code posted here looks … Continue reading

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