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MSBuild String Manipulation Chaos

The other day, I was trying to split a string and then get the various parts of it from within an MSBuild project, but it went totally nuts on me. When I tried to access the item at a given … Continue reading

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Why Speak?

Recently I was discussing my upcoming trip to speak at devLink and was asked why I do it. I figured that’s a better topic than some of the others I’ve thrown up lately. Do they pay you? No. =) I … Continue reading

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Just Try Something

A coworker and I were discussing the finer points of troubleshooting today, and I remembered that I never posted this thought. It’s short and sweet, and for most people it won’t be anything you haven’t heard before, but I can’t … Continue reading

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Off-Topic: Toddler Safety on United Airlines

I want to make any parents aware that when you book United, if you want to keep your toddler seated safely with a parent, you will likely have to pay a premium in addition to the cost of your ticket. … Continue reading

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The Many Adventures of Externalias

The bad news is, I’m not much of an artist. The good news is, if I draw this in Paint .NET, it’s about the same as if I draw it on the whiteboard and take a picture. His name is … Continue reading

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